Yet I Didn't (2017)

Yet I Didn’t

March 2017

You had your ocean and I had mine

Our waves, they never touched 

But then one day your current picked up 

And it's power became too much

Your head fell under ever so slowly 

Your eyes were soon forced shut

You sputtered for air, you wanted to breathe

But your efforts just weren't quite enough

I could've saved you, if only I knew of

This storm that was pulling you down

I could've saved you, if only I knew 

Of the moment you started to drown

The storm ran its course, it raged, it blew

The winds they quickly spun 

But then it moved on, as all things do

Skies dark despite the sun 

You woke up on shore, clothes ripped to shreds

Your veins they missed their blood

Your pure white shirt was now stained red

Lost in a crimson flood

You noticed these marks, you noticed this pain 

So you began to scrub

But try as you did and try as they may 

Soap just wasn't enough 

Your skin still had scars, as did my mind

Two victims the storm had found 

For when I kissed you, it wasn't the same

As before I knew you had drowned 

It wasn't your fault the storm came your way

And yet twice my blame has been dealt  

I could've saved you and yet I didn't— 

For this I hate myself