Some of my thoughts.

These are some of my writings.

The following collection is a brief written portfolio of some of my lyrics, essays, and poems compiled over the past several years. Some were written as speeches, some were written for school assignments, and others were written purely out of personal interest and a need for expression. Written works are literary photographs. Welcome to my photo album. 


I Walked Over and Asked If I Could Sit With You (2019)

A letter of encouragement I wrote and gave to a stranger who was sitting alone.

Little Less Alone (2019)

A poem asking why you didn’t want to read the letter.

Airlines (2019)

A poem written amongst the clouds.

I Didn’t Expect to Learn Swahili (2018)

An essay about the importance of being the learner.

Mom-Mom, I Want One More Note (2018)

A tribute to the most amazing grandmother I ever could have asked for.

Careless (2018)

A poem written in a time of frustration and isolation regarding my feelings toward alcohol and sex being vastly different than (seemingly) everyone around me.

Retrograde (2017)

A poem I wrote about returning home for a friend’s funeral three weeks into my freshman year of college.

Yet I Didn’t (2017)

A poem I wrote that tackles the problem of victim blaming.

Letter to a Roommate (2016)

An essay I wrote during the college application process.