Letter To A Roommate (2016)

Letter To A Future Roommate

November 2016

Seeing as we are going to be roommates, I thought you might like some insight into my world:

I prefer to start my day by playing guitar because the gentle acoustic melodies slowly warm my senses and prepare them for the rigors of the upcoming day. Some students will wake up five minutes before class and throw on sweatpants before sprinting out the door. That isn’t me.

I end my day by playing guitar because my stress fades with every note. Occasionally, you may be awakened by the sound of me softly playing… I hope you don’t mind. I promise I’ll learn your favorite song and play it as a “thank you” for your patience.

When I lie down to sleep, my mind often decides otherwise. Please forgive me if I wake you at 3 a.m. and ask you to play ping pong or watch reruns of The Office.

I appreciate a good sense of humor and I promise to wait for an invitation before raiding your stash of Oreos. The weird things you say in your sleep will stay between us.

I value honesty and strong morals. I understand that the most meaningful relationships develop over time. I will earn your respect with the way I treat you and those around me. I am looking forward to building lasting friendships across a variety of disciplines. I am eager to meet new people, see new places, and share experiences while being pushed outside of my comfort zone.

I value deep conversations. I want to discuss the little moments that give you faith in the world, the memories that you cherish, or the things that keep you up at night. Because even though we are walking different paths, maybe we will find out that we aren’t so different after all.