Airlines (2019)


March 2019

I heard your favorite song in the airport this morning—

I couldn’t help but think of you

I’m sitting in aisle 30, scribbling on these pages

Trying to draw you into existence next to me

I wish someone would tell me there’s nothing special about this ink

Something keeps me writing, even though I know

The turbulence will throw me from my daydream

I picture lines, millions of them

Lines from mind to mind, soul to soul

I picture twine made of the little shreds of the memories we still have left,

Twisted around the little moments even death couldn’t wrestle from my grasp

I don’t understand how this plane doesn’t get caught

In the silk and the string and the twine of the web

Wrapping around the wings I can feel every thread

Blocking the windows, encasing the jet

In the sky there are lines

That drape between clouds and then get left behind

Theres you, and me, and all of the lines that are tangled between

The more that I strain, the less I can breathe

The more that I move, the more that I bleed

My vision is lost but I don’t care if I see

There’s a thread that connects us… and that’s all we need